When the chaos is gone, that's when you will realize it was the sparkle that made life fun. Dzeni Teng

A child. We have been one, or have one. What chaos did we bring our parents and still do? What chaos do your children bring into your life?

All things tend towards chaos, and children harness that. We have been taught to reign it in as we are older, but having a child brings back the fact that we are not always in control of our destinies. some adults never grow out of childhood and continue to create chaos. Some adults learn to keep their impulses in check and live steady, predictable lives.

Perhaps living with a bit of both gives us the best of all possible worlds. Channeling chaos into creativity gives life spark.

I have created this website. To offer ways to allow you to enjoy the chaos children bring and to help you watch them grow because there is nothing more sure than change.  And your kids will change faster than you realize.

Then lets not forget our inner child. We are all essentially children. Call yourself a child of the world, of the universe, of God... I hope to help you find the little side of chaos that exists in you and allow that to come out and dance.

When the chaos is gone…

“Chaos, panic and disorder- my work here is done”  Author unknown 
                                                                                                                                        (but a kid should have wrote this)


… that’s when you will realize it was the sparkle that made life fun.

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."  Nietzsche

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